Mr Leopold Air Source Heat Pump installation

Name: Mr Leopold

Location: Cheshire

Service: Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump and solar PV

Project overview

This client had recently purchased a four-bedroom property with an old LPG heating system. With the property originally built in 1980, the client was undergoing a full renovation, including a new underfloor heating system on the ground and first floors, as well as an extension to the rear.

They reached out to us looking for a more environmentally friendly way to heat the house, replacing the LPG system, and reducing overall running costs.

Services provided

We proposed to install an 11.2kw Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHP and a 250L joule high gain heat pump cylinder to provide central heating and hot water for the property. As well as this, we designed a 4kw solar PV array to be installed on the client’s south-facing roof.

What happened?

After performing a full heat loss calculation and system design of the property, factoring in the new extension, we decided an air source heat pump would be the best option to efficiently and cost-effectively heat the property.

During installation, we successfully integrated the system with the client’s new underfloor heating controls to allow greater flexibility and smart phone compatibility.

To further boost the client’s energy efficiency and bill reductions, we opted for the solar PV array. With multiple moving parts to the project, our on-site team worked thoroughly to ensure the entire project ran smoothly and to schedule, while upholding the highest standards of quality across all the services being provided.

Our calculations estimate that the solar PV system will provide the client with free domestic hot water for around three quarters of the year. By using an Eddi Smart switch, we made sure all free solar energy will be diverted to the immersion in the domestic hot water cylinder.


The client now has a far more robust, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient way to heat the home. The air source heat pump provides a more energy efficient alternative than the previous LPG system, and we estimate the solar PV array will generate approximately 2,989 kWh of free electricity every year, reducing the property’s outgoings even further.

Existing running cost of LPG system per year: £2,567
ASHP running cost per year: £1,607
Yearly savings for heat pump: £960
Yearly Savings from PV array: £352
CO2 emissions offset per year by heat pump: 4,203Kg
CO2 emissions offset per year by Solar PV array: 1,381.68Kg
RHI reclaimed: £11,200

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