Energy Efficient Gas Boilers

Reduce your energy bills and save money by lowering your carbon emissions

Benefit from latest boiler technology to heat your home better

Improve the energy efficiency of your home and increase its value

What is an Energy Efficient Gas Boiler?

Gas boilers, like other domestic appliances, are rated from A to G on their energy efficiency. New gas boilers must be A-rated and show this rating on documentation included when purchasing.

It is harder to gauge with older boilers how energy efficient they are because the rating system was implemented at a later date. Typically, a modern boiler works at 94% efficiency. This means that 94% of the energy used by the boiler heats your home and only 6% goes into running itself.

In comparison, older boilers with 60% efficiency, lose 40% of the energy used on running itself. Only 60% of the energy used in an older boiler actually goes towards heating your home.

At Magna Renewables we can help supply and install the latest and most energy efficient gas boilers available on the market. With our help you can save money and time by letting us help you find the choice for you.


Energy Efficient Gas Boilers
Energy Efficient Gas Boilers

How does an Energy Efficient Gas Boiler work?

As new boilers are ‘condensing’ boilers, they are able to recover and reuse heat that was previously lost via the flue. The term ‘condensing’ comes from the way in which this lost heat is recovered. A second heat exchanger captures this heat in the form of water vapour. This means that the boiler can run at a reduced temperature. In other words, the lower the temperature, the more efficient the boiler.

Types of Energy Efficient Gas Boilers

When you need to upgrade to a new gas boiler, there are a few things you need to consider. Firstly, what type of boiler is best suited to your property and household needs:

Combi boiler
A combi boiler can both heat water and provide you with a central heating boiler in a single space saving unit. Installing a combi boiler means that you have hot water heated from the mains, directly on tap. A combi boiler can save space as you no longer need a hot water storage or a cold water tank fitted in the loft space.
Heat Only
Otherwise known as a conventional or open vented boiler. This type of boiler requires components such as a hot and cold-water tank and a circulation pump. There are advantages to this type of boiler. As hot water is stored in a larger storage tank this boiler system is more suitable to larger properties where hot water can be used by multiple occupants at the same time.
System gas boiler
Also called closed vent boilers, are not dissimilar to a conventional boiler. However, these do not require the need for a large cold-water tank fitted in the loft. A system boiler still includes a hot water cylinder, but in place of the feed and expansion tank there is an expansion vessel in the boiler. This type of boiler is an ideal choice for larger properties and a good solution to water pressure issues.
Energy Efficient Gas Boilers

Is an Energy Efficient Gas Boiler right for me?

There are different types of energy efficient gas boiler systems that can suit your energy requirements. Which boiler you choose depends on your property size and heating needs.

Smaller properties can opt for a combi boiler which takes up less space in your home. Larger properties with more heating demand might be best suited to conventional or system gas boilers.

Whichever type of energy efficient gas boiler you choose, the benefits remain the same. An energy efficient gas boiler is right for you if your aim is to reduce your energy bills and take responsibility for your energy usage.

Not sure which option is right for you? Speak to our friendly experts and we will be happy to advise accordingly.

Energy Efficient Gas Boilers
Energy Efficient Gas Boilers

Installing your new Gas Boiler with Magna Renewables

Magna Renewables can guide you through installing your energy efficient gas boiler today. Our energy efficient gas boiler installation experts deliver top quality customer service with every installation. Our team can install your gas boiler quickly and with minimal fuss to you. 

If you are interested in upgrading to an energy efficient gas boiler system, get in touch with the Magna Renewables team. We can answer any further questions you might have and guide you through the installation process.

What are the benefits of an Energy Efficient Gas Boiler?


New energy efficient gas boilers can offer a minimum of 90% energy efficiency. The rating can rise to 94% efficiency if using programmable thermostats.


Energy efficient gas boilers can take over £700 per year off your energy bills.


Gives you better control of your energy usage and spending.

Get a free, no obligation quote for your gas boiler installation today

Our team of expert installers is on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you are thinking of getting a new boiler for your home then call us and we will explain the entire process with you. We will give you a free, no obligation quote and give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.