Solar PV Panels

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Solar PV Panels
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What are Solar PV Panels?

Solar PV panels are a popular choice for those looking for a renewable energy solution. The ‘PV’ refers to the ‘photovoltaic’ cells that harness the sunlight and convert its energy into usable electricity. Government funding schemes have been introduced over the years to encourage the uptake of solar panel installation.

Monetary incentives aside, there are many advantages to installing solar panel systems. By choosing solar PV panels you can do your bit for the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and save on your energy bills.

Surely solar panels need 365 days of sun to operate? Well, no, solar panels work even in cloudy weather conditions. It is true that more solar energy is generated on sunnier days but the sun’s radiation can easily pass through clouds with no problem. So, if you choose to install solar panels in the UK, sufficient energy will be produced even on our cloudiest days.

How do Solar PV Panels work?

Solar PV panels consist of photovoltaic cells that work by capturing and converting the sun’s energy into electricity. The cells are set between semi-conducting materials, usually silicon. When the sunlight hits the semi-conducting materials found between each cell, a flow of electricity is created. The reason why solar energy can even be harnessed on the most overcast of days is that the cells don’t need to be exposed to direct sunlight only visible light.

To ensure that the solar energy can then be used, the electricity passes through an inverter. The solar cells start from generating a DC current (direct current) to being converted to an AC current (alternating current) making it useable in your home or business.

Solar panel inverters are usually placed somewhere inside the home in proximity to the solar panels. A good place to position them is in the loft or garage. For a space saving solution, micro inverters are an option and these can be neatly hidden beneath the solar panels.


Checklist of requirements before installing Solar PV Panels


Does your roof face between east and west (for maximum exposure to the sun?).


Is your roof in good condition and structurally sound? Solar panels will add a substantial amount of weight to your roof and it will need to be able to safely take on the extra load.


Is your roof free from shadows for most of the day? Shadows cast from nearby buildings or trees can limit the amount of electricity produced. Micro-inverters are a solution if your property is affected by a small amount of shade.


Contact us if you would like to know which government grants are available regarding renewable energy solutions. We can let you know what funding you may be eligible to apply for.

What are the benefits of Solar PV Panels?

Are you considering solar PV panels, but are still thinking it over? Here are a few advantages to switching to solar energy to help you decide.

Solar power…

Is a renewable energy source.
Will reduce your energy bills as you’re generating your own electricity.
May generate extra cash if you trade in any unused electricity.
Can protect you against energy bill increases in the future.
Will increase the value of your property as low energy bills appeal to house hunters.
Does not require planning permission and panels can typically be installed in 1-2 days.
Is a very low maintenance energy solution.
Used in combination with the solar battery storage means that you can use the generated power at night.
Is quiet. Solar power generation won’t disturb you or your neighbours.

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