Flat Roof Insulation

Reduce your energy bills and save money the smart way

Keep your house warm and cosy by reducing heat loss

Be more eco-friendly by using less energy to keep your home warm

What is Flat Roof Insulation?

Don’t have a loft space or attic to insulate, no problem. If you have a property with a flat roof, this too can be insulated to avoid unnecessary heat loss. Flat roof insulation consists of a layer of insulating material lining your flat roof in order to trap heat.

Flat roof insulation can either be laid on the outside of your roof or on the inside. Flat roof insulation is an excellent way of limiting heat loss from your home.

At Magna Renewables we are experts in making your home more energy efficient and helping your reduce your energy bills. Whether it’s via renewable energy solutions such as solar panels or heat pumps, or improvements to your home such as insulation we can help you.

Flat Roof Insulation
Flat Roof Insulation

How does Flat Roof Insulation work?

Flat roof insulation materials work by blocking the passage of hot air through the material and preventing it from escaping. Materials such as glass fibre limit the transfer of heat as it is a poor conductor of energy. The material’s fibres trap air providing a layer of insulation to your home.

As heat rises it is essential that your roof space is properly insulated to improve its energy efficiency. Around 30% of your home’s heating can be lost if your roof area is not insulated, whether it is pitched or flat.

Is Flat Roof Insulation right for me?

A poorly insulated roof can mean that heat energy is escaping from your home. Without proper roof insulation more heat is required to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your property. Increased energy usage will also result in higher heating bills.

If you feel that your home is not retaining heat as efficiently as it could, roof insulation could be a good solution for you. It is right for you if your aim is to improve the energy efficiency of your home, keeping your property warmer for longer.

Magna Renewables can guide you through installing your flat roof insulation today. Our experts deliver top quality customer service with every installation. Our team can install your insulation and leave everything exactly as they found it.

Flat Roof Insulation

What are the benefits?


Reduce up to 30% heat loss through your flat roof.


Lower your heating bills and increase your home’s energy efficiency.


Prevent draughts and keep your home warm and comfortable.

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