Underfloor Heating Systems

Warm and cosy flooring when you need it the most

Affordable and efficient design can help save you money

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What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a way of providing heat throughout your home through hidden tubing installed beneath the floor. It is an efficient and smart way to heat your home, offering many advantages over traditional radiators.

At Magna Renewables we specialise in making homes more energy efficient, be it through solar PV systems or heat pump systems. We can offer an ideal solution if you want that luxurious warm feeling under your feet wherever you go in your home.

Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating

Types of Underfloor Heating

There are different types of underfloor heating systems available to choose from. The most suitable type of solution for you depends on your existing heating system and energy source.

Conventional underfloor heating mostly happens in new builds or where there is an extensive renovation of property. This offers unrivalled control and efficiency and aims to provide an even and quick distribution of heat around your floors. Conventional underfloor heating integrates seamlessly into your new property and allows for thicker insulation and optimal heat output.

Overlay heating is required for existing builds and involves retro-fitting underfloor heating to your exiting floors. If you know what rooms and areas in your home require underfloor heating, then overlay heating is perfect for you. Installation is generally quick and relatively inexpensive. You can easily add it to existing hallways, floors and areas in your home.

Installing your Underfloor Heating with Magna Renewables

Magna Renewables can guide you through installing your underfloor heating system today. Our underfloor heating installation experts deliver top quality customer service with every installation. Our team can install your underfloor heating and leave everything exactly as they found it.

For more informatiion please contact the Magna Renewables team. We can answer any further questions you might have and guide you through the installation process.

Underfloor Heating

What are the benefits to Underfloor Heating?


Can save you 10% of wall space that would be otherwise occupied by radiators.


Eliminates the risk of small children burning themselves on hot radiators.


Heats up your home 40% more efficiently than conventional radiators.


Heats up rooms evenly, ensuring no cold spots.


Underfloor Heating works very well with Air and Ground source Heat pumps

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Our team of expert installers is on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you are thinking of getting underfloor heating for your home then call us and we will explain the entire process with you. We will give you a free, no obligation quote and give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.