First Time Central Heating

Save up to £1000 on your energy bills by installing a heat pump

Benefit from a £7500 grant available via the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

A clean and sustainable way to generate electricity

What do we mean by First-time Central Heating?

First-time central heating refers to the installation of a central heating system in a property where there has never been such a heating system previously. Perhaps your property has an electric system and you feel that central heating is a more suitable option. If this is the case, you would require first-time central heating installation. First-time central heating installation involves putting in a boiler, radiators, pipework and heating control systems, from scratch.

At Magna Renewables we are experts in a range of energy-saving options for the home including solar PV systems and heat pumps. Our aim is to help you reduce your carbon emissions, become more eco-friendly, and lower your bills.

First Time Central Heating
First Time Central Heating

Types of Central Heating

There are different types of central heating systems available to choose from. The most suitable type of central heating solution for you depends on your location and what you require from your heating system.

Gas central heating is the most commonly installed system in the UK. It is one of the cheaper options if you are connected to the gas grid. Modern boilers are also more efficient than older models which is good news if you are considering first-time central heating installation.

Electric central heating is another option. However, electricity is more expensive than gas per unit. Electric central heating is suitable for properties generating their own electricity, such as those with solar panels.

Renewable energy solutions are worth investigating if you are conscious of your carbon footprint. Renewable energy systems such as solar panels can also help to reduce your energy bills. It is worth discussing your options with an expert if you are unsure which type of first-time central heating system you should go for.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells that capture solar energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. When light hits the cells, which are usually made of silicon, they become energised and create a flow of electricity. Not many people know that solar cells don’t need direct sunlight to generate electricity – they react to visible light, so they work even on cloudy days.

The electricity you generate must then pass through an inverter to make it suitable for use in the home. Solar cells generate direct current (DC), which has to be converted to alternating current (AC) before it can be used.

An inverter is usually installed inside the home as close to the solar panels as possible, such as in the loft or garage. Micro inverters are also available and can be attached to each solar panel. You can also use batteries to store solar energy generated by your cells, and this can be used throughout the day to suit your needs.

First Time Central Heating

What are the benefits to first-time central heating?


Installing first-time central heating saves you money as this costs less to run than electric heating.


Central heating systems heat up your property quickly compared to electric systems.


Enjoy the comfort of a warm home and the practicality of hot water on tap.


First-time central heating installation provides you with a clean, quiet heat source throughout your home.

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