Save even more energy

There are always new and improved ways to save energy and increase the efficiency of your home. As well as ways to get even more value out of your existing renewable energy sources.

Without realising it, you could be increasing your energy bills and releasing unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere. Energy-saving devices combat exactly this, monitoring and regulating your energy usage to ensure optimum consumption for your home, as well as reducing costs and wasted energy along the way.

ecoSMART E-manager

A unique energy management system, Ecoforest’s ecoSMART E-manager helps to store and manage energy produced by renewable sources, boosting your property’s energy efficiency and allowing you to significantly reduce your energy bills.

How does it work?

The E-manager takes advantage of surplus energy, regulating energy flow between heat pumps and production systems. Any surplus captured throughout the day is used to fully charge lithium batteries, storing electrical energy for later use. In doing so, it reduces your property’s reliance on the power grid to energise your heat pump, saving you money and maximising energy efficiency.

The device’s intelligent technology adjusts the consumption of your heat pump throughout the day, making the most of times when electricity is cheaper and using surplus energy to limit consumption when it’s most expensive. Factoring in the individual requirements of your property, the device empowers you to better use energy on a daily basis. It also allows you to set controls to ensure electrical consumption never exceeds a predefined amount and aligns with your chosen electrical tariff.

By better regulating your energy surplus, ecoSMART E-manager can lower your electrical consumption considerably, boosting the overall energy and cost efficiency of your installation.

Voltage optimiser

Voltage optimisation technology regulates incoming power from the grid, reducing its voltage and emissions, saving you on energy usage.

How does it work?

Often, power from the national grid will be far higher in voltage than is necessary for your property. This is largely down to outdated electrical distribution networks and requirements set on providers.

But what this higher voltage means for your property is an excess of wasted energy and unnecessarily high carbon emissions. It also puts added strain on any electrical systems and equipment, reducing their efficiency and longevity.

Installed between the distribution transformer and main low voltage distribution board, voltage optimisers allow all your electricals to benefit from a regulated and optimised power supply. Any incoming voltage passes through the optimiser and is reduced to the level needed for optimum performance of your home, while any extra voltage is simply returned to the grid.

Interested in energy-saving devices for your home? Get in touch with us to find out what solutions are right for you.