Ground Source Heat Pumps

Save up to £1000 on your energy bills by installing a heat pump

Benefit from a £7500 grant available via the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

A clean and sustainable way to generate electricity

What is a Ground Source Heat Pump?

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) absorb heat from the ground to generate heat for radiators, under floor heating systems and hot water. They are a fantastic choice if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, save energy, and lower your household bills. By using a natural, renewable energy source with zero emissions, they are one of the most efficient ways to heat your property with very little maintenance required.

What are the benefits?


Save money on fuel costs and reduce your carbon emissions


Save £7500 with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) when fitted by MCS approved installers


Minimal maintenance required


They create practically no noise


Ground Source Heat pumps can run up to 500% efficient

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Ground Source Heat Pumps

How do Ground Source Heat Pumps work?

Ground source heat pumps work by extracting energy via pipework installed underground. Thermal transfer fluid (TTF) then flows around this pipework buried underground in your garden. Heat from the ground is absorbed into the thermal transfer fluid before passing through a heat exchanger into the heat pump. It is then transformed into a refrigerant gas which boils at a very low temperature.

A compressor increases the temperature of the refrigerant further. As the gas temperature rises even higher it is passed through yet another heat exchanger. Finally, the higher-temperature heat is transferred into the water circulating through your central heating system.

Due to the need to place pipework beneath the surface of your garden, you should ensure that you have enough space to install them. The collector array or pipes are buried as loops underground. The good news is that the length of ground loops varies and can be installed to fit the land around your property.

Should you have any concerns about space limitations, contact us and our team will be happy to discuss your property’s compatibility.

Is a Ground Source Heat Pump right for me?

If you have enough space around your property and you are looking for a long-lasting solution to reduced energy costs then ground source heat pumps are very effective.
You need an outside area large enough to allow for a pipe system
Ground Source Heat Pumps can run up to 500% efficient
Work in all kinds of weather and are very long-lasting
Little maintenance required
Ground Source Heat Pumps

Can Ground Source Heat Pumps work in cold climates?

As long as your home is well insulated you will be able to feel the warm and cosy benefit from your GSHP.

Even when the outside temperature drops, at night or during wintertime, the temperature approximately 1 metre underground remains at a constant 10°C. The temperature underground changes less dramatically than air temperature meaning that soil retains heat energy for longer. So you can enjoy renewable heat energy from the ground, providing you with hot water and warmth all-year long.

Are you convinced that a ground source heat pump is the perfect energy-efficient solution for heating your home?

Get in touch with the Magna Renewables team and we can answer any further questions you might have.

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