Mr Freeman

Name: Mr Freeman

Location: Knutsford

Service: Ground source heat pump

Project overview

This client was looking to update the heating system of a lifelong family home in Knutsford, Cheshire. Having previously taken advantage of the FIT tariff for Solar PV on one of the outbuildings, they expressed interest in linking this to a new, renewable energy heating solution. Our team’s main aims were future-proofing the property, improving its level of comfort, and reducing running costs, all while making the home as carbon neutral as possible.

Services provided

Due to the high heating demand of the property, and the abundant land surrounding the holding, our site survey concluded that a ground source heat pump would be the perfect solution.

As Ecoforest partners, we proposed the 5-22KW EcoGeo ground source unit, along with a mains pressured 250L Joule High Gain Heat pump cylinder to provide the domestic hot water.

What happened?

An important consideration we had to make was the heat loss of the property. By performing a full, in-depth heat loss calculation, we could ensure not only correct sizing of the heat pump itself, but also the heat emitters. By doing so, we made sure the property will run as efficiently as possible, satisfying heating demands even during the harshest winter months.

The installation began with our groundworks team, who were first onsite to begin digging in preparation for the collector pipework. The ground collector consisted of ten trenches, each fifty metres long, one and a half-metre deep, and three metres apart. Within the trenches, we installed a slinky type of collector to accommodate 2,000 metres of pipework in total, all connecting into a ten-way fusion weld manifold sited inconspicuously at the edge of the field.

Once the groundworks were well underway, it was time for our heat pump engineers to do their part. The outbuilding was transformed into a new plant room, with the Ecoforest ground source heat pump and 100L buffer tank installed very tidily.

We then decommissioned the old oil boiler ready for the changeover. Having previously been heated using an oil boiler running at much higher temperatures, all the property’s 18 existing radiators also needed replacing. The team was careful to ensure the system was completely flushed out and cleaned, meeting all current standards and ready for connecting to the new heat source.

With all the radiators fitted, the system was ready for pressure testing, filling, and was then finished off with foil-backed lagging. The system was then tested, all radiators balanced, and handed back over to the client.


The client now has complete peace of mind that their house will remain warm and comfortable, even during some of the coldest days of the year. The new system will maintain optimum levels of efficiency, with reduced environmental impact.

CO2 emissions offset per year: 8.78 tonnes
System efficiency: 352%
7-year fuel savings: £2,877
RHI reclaimed: £34,600

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