Mr Bell

Name: Mr Bell

Location: Cheshire

Service: Air source heat pump

Project overview

After seeing one of our work vans in the local area, this client got in touch regarding a large, four-bedroom property built circa 1955. With a boiler that had recently broken down, they were looking to replace the current, 20-year-old oil system with a far more environmentally friendly heating solution.

Services provided

For this project, we opted for the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT. We also installed a 250L Climacyl un-vented heat pump cylinder to provide domestic hot water.

What happened?

Before getting underway with the project, we performed an in-depth house survey to determine an accurate heat loss calculation for the property. This helped us choose the optimum heating solution for the site’s individual specifications. We quickly noted that the property already had a small 3Kw solar PV array on the roof that could contribute to any new system.

We selected the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT, mainly because this heat pump is whisper quiet, and the client expressed concern about the potential noise distraction of the system. This unit can also achieve temperatures of up to 65 degrees, making it perfect for retrofit applications. Our onsite team worked diligently to complete this project with minimum disruption to the client, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish, and end results that exceeded expectations.


Moving from an outdated oil system, this client now sees significant cost savings and a large increase in the energy efficiency of the property. The existing small solar PV array adds to these savings and further reduces the carbon footprint of this home.

Existing oil system running costs: £2,008
ASHP yearly running costs: £1,673
Yearly savings from heat pump: £335
CO2 emissions offset each year: 5,841Kg
RHI reclaimed: £11,200

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