Haddon Wood

The client

Name: Haddon Wood

Location: Wirral

Service: Ground source heat pump

Project overview

As part of a full renovation and refurbishment on a five-bedroom home on the Wirral, this client wanted to incorporate a ground source heat pump on-site.

Previously, the property was heated using two Worcester Bosch LPG boilers which, on average, was costing around £5,500 per year. Having enjoyed the efficiency of a ground source heat pump in a previous property, the client was keen to secure the significant annual saving on running costs and take advantage of the Renewable Heating Incentive.

Services provided

We proposed the Ecoforest 5-22KW EcoGeo GSHP unit, securing a seven-year warranty for the client as partners of Ecoforest. As well as that, we also provided domestic hot water via a 300L unvented Gledhill heat pump cylinder.

Another of the client’s main requirements was to link control of the heat pump to a new smart home system that was being installed elsewhere as part of the renovation works. For this, we used a Heatmiser underfloor heating control centre, along with Wireless Heatmiser Neo Thermostats, and Neo Hub to allow full control via voice recognition and smartphones.

What happened?

While on-site, our installation team went above and beyond to provide a high-quality solution, while also problem-solving to meet both the client’s requirements and the logistics of the site.

During the site survey, we noted minimal space available in the property’s current boiler room. Instead, we opted to situate the heat pump and buffer tanks in a log cabin about twenty meters away from the property. To reduce thermal losses as much as possible, we used two 32mm pre-insulated pipes to bridge the gap between buildings. These pipes were dropped into a trench and backfilled, meaning they were completely out of sight and didn’t impact the property’s landscape.

The rear gardens of the property were very well maintained, with the client reluctant to disturb them during installation. To combat this, for the ground collector, we opted for six 100-metre-deep vertical boreholes within the front garden – which was already due to undergo landscaping works.


Between our groundworks team and heat pump engineers, everyone pulled together to ensure as seamless an installation process as possible. In the end, we exceeded client expectations and minimised disruption to existing features of the property.

CO2 emissions offset per year: 9.31 tonnes
System efficiency: 350%
Fuel savings per year: £2,221
RHI reclaimed: £34,065